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ECOTIC, AMBILAMP and the City Council of León launch the campaign “Súmate al medio ambiente y punto” (“Join the environment, period”)

From December 18 to 22, environmental educators will inform León residents about the need to recycle their unused electronic devices.

On the occasion of the Christmas festivities, during which the renewal of electrical and electronic devices tends to increase, the

City Council of León

will count on the collaboration of


to start a campaign to promote the collection of waste from these devices in the municipality.

From today, Monday 18 through December 22, environmental educators will inform neighbors about the importance of properly recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in disuse.

Under the slogan “Join the environment, period”, the initiative seeks to raise awareness of the problem of this waste, provide information on municipal collection points, increase the rate of reuse and recycling, and avoid the emission of toxic components. During the week, educators will accompany the itinerary of the mobile clean point, reinforcing the collection at the municipal clean points.

Collection times and locations include various points in the municipality and the information will be supported by information leaflets and posters installed in the municipality.

According to the latest official data from 2022, the citizens of the municipality of León recycled a total of 341,644 kilograms of waste electrical and electronic equipment, which means that each person recycled an average of 2.8 kilograms of this waste.

Regarding the places enabled for the collection of WEEE, they are channeled through the fixed points, the mobile clean point and the collection of household utensils, which is free of charge and can be done by calling the telephone number 987 208 308 of the Cleaning Service.