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“Sustainable Digitalization” has already donated refurbished computer equipment to more than 25,000 beneficiaries.

The campaign, which has been running for four editions now, is promoted by the CEOE Foundation together with ECOTIC, Ambilamp, Ecoasimelec, Ecofimática, Ecolum, Ecolec, Eco-raee’s, ECOTIC and ERP España. and with the collaboration of SEUR FoundationThe total amount of equipment recovered and delivered to social entities that work with groups at risk of exclusion was more than 11,674.

On Thursday, May 30, the presentation of the results of the third edition of the “Sustainable Digitalization” campaign took place with the participation of Antonio Garamendi, President of the CEOE; Fátima Báñez, president of the CEOE Foundation; Begoña Aguirre, from BSH Electrodomésticos España, Fernando Arévalo La-Calle, Head of IT Service Management at CEPSA; Andreu Vilà, General Manager of ECOTIC, José Pérez, CEO of RECYCLIA; Fermín Rodríguez, General Manager of Recyberica and Elena de Antonio, Director Sales SMB & Corporate at TD Synnex.

The results obtained reflect an encouraging outlook, with the recovery of a total of 11,674 computer equipment and components thanks to the solidarity donations of more than 120 companies and self-employed people from all over Spain. By 2023, 56% of the equipment will have been reused. The remaining 44% of the equipment and components that could not be reused were recycled to recover the materials they contain. Since the first edition of Sustainable Digitization, 45% of the equipment has been reused.

These refurbished devices are being distributed through 80 collaborating NGOs with the support of the SEUR Foundation, providing access to technology to more than 25,000 people throughout Spain through various programs and contributing significantly to reducing the digital divide.

In addition to the positive social impact, the collection of equipment promoted by the “Sustainable Digitalization” Campaign also has important environmental benefits. The reuse and recycling of equipment has resulted in CO2 emissions savings of more than 329,000 kilograms, thus contributing to the fight against global warming.

Antonio Garamendi began the day by highlighting the 25,000 people who have benefited from the equipment, 25% more than in the previous edition: “this is a success shared by all those who are part of the project”. Garamendi highlighted the commitment and solidarity of the more than 120 companies and self-employed people from all over Spain who have participated in the campaign.

Antonio Garamendi, President of the CEOE, in his opening speech.

Andreu Vilà moderated the first colloquium of the day and pointed out that “‘Sustainable Digitalization’ continues to grow significantly, but a further push is always necessary to reduce the digital divide”. Fernando Arévalo La-Calle defined CEPSA’s strategies in favor of sustainable mobility and technological adaptation and highlighted its participation in the campaign: “We have donated more than 2,000 devices to social entities and NGOs”. For her part, Begoña Aguirre emphasized BSH’s sustainable commitment: “We believe in the principles of the circular economy and at BSH we are working towards this goal by incorporating parts in our products that are 100% recycled”.

From left to right: Fernando Arévalo La-Calle, Head of IT Service Management at CEPSA; Andreu Vilà, General Manager of ECOTIC and Begoña Aguirre, Head of Accounting and Controlling at BSH Electrodomésticos España.

In the second colloquium, moderated by José Pérez, the 2024 campaign was launched. Perez highlighted the importance of the campaign to reduce digital inequality and improve carbon footprint indices through the reuse of electronic equipment.

Fermín Rodríguez reiterated Recyberica’s commitment to the recovery of materials, stating that “every piece of equipment we recondition and return to society is a step towards a more sustainable and equitable future”. Elena de Antonio added: “Technology is vital in all aspects of society, and therefore technology companies like TD Synnex have a higher social responsibility than in other sectors”.

From left to right: Fermín Rodríguez, General Manager of Recyberica; José Pérez, CEO of Recyclia and Elena de Antonio, Director Sales SMB & Corporate of TD Synnex.

Fátima Báñez concluded the presentation of results by highlighting the willingness of the companies to collaborate and celebrated the positive social and environmental impact of the campaign, mentioning that “Sustainable Digitalization is a triangular project that brings together technology, sustainability and people. A partnership that puts all our efforts into people.”.

Fátima Báñez, President of the CEOE Foundation, in her closing speech.

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