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ECOTIC Entidad Administradora

Social Network Privacy Policy


ECOTIC EA hereby notifies users that it has created a profile on social media networks Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube for the main purpose of promoting its products and services.

Users may access, at any time, the social media network’s own privacy policy and change their privacy settings as needed.

ECOTIC EA has access to and processes the user’s public information, specifically their contact name. This data will only be used on the social media network in question. It is not added to any processing system.

As per the rights afforded under current Data Protection law, you may exercise your rights to access, rectification, erasure and opposition with ECOTIC EA by writing to the post address provided above or the email address in accordance with the GDPR, taking into account the following:

  • Access: Defined by the function of the social media network and ability to access information in the users’ profiles.
  • Rectification: May only be met with regard to the information controlled by ECOTIC EA, for example eliminating comments posted on the page.
  • Normally, this right must be exercised with the social media network.
  • Erasure and/or Opposition: As with the previous case, it may only be met with regard to the information controlled by ECOTIC EA, for example no longer being tied to the profile.

ECOTIC EA will take the following actions:

  • Accessing to the profile’s public information.
  • Posting on the user’s profile of all information already posted on the ECOTIC EA page.
  • Sending personal and individual messages through social media channels.
  • Updating the status of the page where user profiles are posted.

Users can control when and how they connect, eliminate content they are no longer interested in and restrict who they share their connections with, in their privacy settings.


Users, after joining the ECOTIC EA website, may post comments, links, images or photos, or any sort of multimedia content the social media network allows. Users must hold the rights to anything they post or have consent from the owner or copyright or intellectual property rights holders. Posts, whether texts, images, photos, videos, etc, that infringe or could be seen as infringing on morals, ethics, good taste, decorum or intellectual or industrial property rights are strictly prohibited. In these cases, ECOTIC EA reserves the right to remove the content immediately and may permanently block the user.

ECOTIC EA will not be responsible for content users freely post.

Users must take into consideration that their posts will be seen by other users, so they are responsible for their own privacy.

Any images posted on the site will not be stored in any database by ECOTIC EA but will remain on the social media network.

Contests and promotions

ECOTIC EA reserves the right to hold contests and promotions, which any users who belong to its page may take part in. The rules for any such actions carried out on the social media platform will be posted on that network. Always in accordance with the LSSI-CE and any other regulations that may apply.

The social media network doesn’t sponsor, back or administrate our promotions in any way, nor is it associated with them.


ECOTIC EA will use the social media network to advertise its products and services, however if it decides to process your contact details for direct sales prospecting actions, it will always be in accordance with the legal requirements of current law on data protection and the LSSI-CE.

Recommending the ECOTIC EA page to other users so they can also take advantage of promotions or stay up-to-date on the activities will not be considered advertising.

Below is a link to the privacy policy for each social media network:


Twitter: /privacy


You Tube: